Golconda Temple History

Golconda, is the name given to a city in India which was formerly a center of the diamond trade. Golconda also denotes a "rich mine or any source of great wealth". The city of Hyderabad is famous for its breathtaking monuments. The majestic and imposing monument which lies on the West outskirts of Hyderabad City - Golconda Fort, unravels with it the 400 years of the rich cultural heritage of this city. Built by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1525, the Golconda Fort epitomizes the opulent new culture of the time. Shepherd's Hill or "Golla Konda", Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, India as it was popularly know in Telugu, has an interesting story behind it. One fine day, on the rocky hill called Mangalavaram, a shepherd boy came across an idol. This was conveyed to the Kakatiya King, who was ruling at that time. The King got a mud Fort constructed around the Holy spot. Over a period of time this lowly construction was expanded by the Qutb Shahi Kings into a massive Fort of granite which has been a silent witness to many historic events. Every nook and corner of this splendid monument echoes the unparalleled history of a bygone era. The impregnable Fort was cradled by many Dynasties and it was of strategic importance to most of the rulers. In 1518, when the Qutb Shahi Dynasty was found, Golconda was made its capital. The subsequent generations saw Golconda being fortified further with several additions and the formation of a beautiful city within. By the 17th Century, Golconda was famous as a Diamond Market. It gave the world some of the best known diamonds, including Kohinoor. The magnificent architecture of the Golconda Fort is manifest in its acoustic system, the structural grandeur of the palaces and ingenious water supply system.

Golconda Temple No. 24

Golconda was charted in 1907 in Newark, New Jersey. Throughout our illustrious history, Golconda continues to give extensive Charity to their community. At the 118th Imperial Session, Golconda was recognized as being the number one Temple in the world for its Charity disbursements. Some of the Charity includes but is not limited to; scholarships, feeding the community, visiting hospitals, working with youth, and being leaders in their communities. At Imperial Session, annually Golconda is well represented with their award-winning units; such as the Chanters, Marching unit, Bowling, Golf and Bicycle. From yesterday to today Golconda Temple remains strong and united. As Golconda continues, they grow stronger and more determined. Currently Golconda has over four hundred Nobles as members. This fact makes them the largest Temple in the Domain. This could never have been accomplished without the proper leadership!

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