Location and Meeting Time

Golconda Temple No. 24
188-190 Irvine Turner Blvd
Newark, NJ 07018

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of Every Month

Golconda Temple Officers

Illustrious Potentate Noble Wilson Andi Carter babylon63@gmail.com
Chief Rabban Noble Charles F. Salley schas1260@aol.com
Assistan Rabban Noble Anton Rudolph amr2104@yahoo.com
High Priest and Prophet Noble Thelmo Sergio Stradford thelmosergio@aol.com
Oriental Guide Nathaniel Bryant Jr. nbryantjr@gmail.com
1st Ceremonial Master Noble Hasjonn Simmons hasjonn@gmail.com
2nd Ceremonial Master Noble Steve Brunson djbigsteve75@gmail.com
Marshall Noble Sean Cruel cruel1914@yahoo.com
Captain of the Guard Noble Howard Smith spykespyke@msn.com
Outerguard Noble Mark Zeno mark.zeno@yahoo.com

Golconda Temple Imperial Officers

Illustrious Recorder Noble Michael G. Diggs mgdiggs@hotmail.com
Illustrious Treasurer Noble Adrian Desroe qpoppa@msn.com
Imperial Deputy of the Desert PP Noble Allen L. Hargrove Sr. hargrove24@msn.com
Imperial Deputy of the Oasis PP Noble John M. Cyrus II. jmcyrus@juno.com
Imperial Chaptain of the Guard PP Noble Gary Slyvester potentate24@aol.com


Webmaster Noble Athelstan E. Nelson Jr. (Thel) t.nelson-quedog6@verizon.net
Administrator Noble Michael G. Diggs mgdiggs@hotmail.com