Illustrious Potentate

Illustrious Potentate Kevin Bailey

Noble Kevin Bailey

Chief Rabban

Chief Rabban Noble Cedric Scates

Noble Cedric Scates

Assistant Rabban

Assistan Rabban Noble David Edouard

Noble Noble David Edouard

High Priest & Prophet

High Priest & Prophet Noble Levi Barnes

Noble Levi Barnes

Oriental Guide

Oriental Guide Noble Andre Taylor

Noble Andre Taylor

1st Ceremonial Master

1st Ceremonial Master Noble Aaron Greene

Noble Aaron Greene

2nd Ceremonial Master

2nd Cerimonial Master Noble Albert Martinez

Noble Albert Martinez

Captain of the Guard

Captain of the Guard Noble Shawn Samuel

Noble Shawn Samuel


Marshall Noble Richard McWilliams

Noble Richard McWilliams

Outer Guard

Outer Guard Noble Joe B. Heard

Noble Joe B. Heard